Ringneck Hunting Preserve
Ringneck Hunting Preserve

Quail Cover

Bobwhite quail foraging on sorghum, providing both food and cover.

A winter hunt of pheasant, chukar, and quail with guests and guide Ryan Romano with dog.

Hunting Trails

Winter habitat: swamp grass, cattails, Multiflora rose, Millet, Evergreens and standing corn to hold the game birds. Notice winter plowed access trails.

 Quail hold well to pointing dogs and present a fast, elusive target. Quail congregate in coveys and flush in every direction requiring excellent marksmanship.

No Hunting License Required!

8 Quail Minimum $80.00

Additional Quail $10 each

Previously released Quail $8.00

Hunting Dogs And Guides

 We encourage hunters to bring their own dogs as half the enjoyment is seeing your dog work the birds.

 Our dogs and guides are familiar with the terrain and how best to hunt the birds. They are well worth the cost and you will be pleased with the excellent results.

  • Dogs and Guide: minimum two hours $60.00*
  • Each additional hour $30.00
  • Prior notice necessary for Our Dogs and Guides

*(Gratuities and tips not included)

Your Hosts
Ray & Deb Kalwara
56 Olkowski Road
Candor, New York 13743
(607) 659-3208

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Season 2023-2024
Open To The Public
September 1st thru April 15th

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